“Wendy Approved”


Below you will find products that are currently approved by Wendy that can be purchased at the store or online, and a link has been attached to each product to Amazon for the easiest ordering for your convenience. We are NOT Amazon Affiliates, so we do NOT make any $ off of your order. The link is just there to make it easier for you to get/find the right product.

We check the ingredients quarterly. A manufacturer of a product can change their ingredients at any time. So you need to be diligent and make sure you are using an approved product. If something becomes non “Wendy Approved” then it will be removed from this list. (no notifications will be sent out). It is up to you to do some checking

Make sure you are getting the EXACT product that is in the photo, if it is any different then it is not “Wendy Approved” and could trigger your acne to flare up.

* Disclaimer: Saving Face Skinspa Inc, The Wendy Way, and Wendy Christman have absolutely NO affiliation with any of the products or companies listed below. This is just purely for informational purposes. We have no insight or control on what each company is using in their products, when they change formulations, or how they manufacture. Therefore: you must do your own research. It is possible that a company has a recall (or the like) and none of us would know, therefore it would be impossible for me to let everyone know who has purchased as this page is not tracked – so there is no way to know who has purchased. Be diligent and it is up to you as to which products/companies you purchase from.

Sweat and Makeup Removal

Wendy approved acne safe sweat removal

Hair Care



Styling Products



Wendy Approved primer. Huda

Foundation/ Base

Contour & Bronzer


Wendy Approved- acne safe concealer



Pressed & Loose Powder

Lip - Liner, Lipstick & LipGloss

Setting Spray



Flouride Free

Body Wash

Body Lotion

vanicream- acne safe body lotion
Acne safe body lotion for those with Keratosis Pilaris. - Wendy Approved.

Supplements & Vitamins


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