How to schedule your appointments:

Schedule a Virtual Meeting with Wendy

New Clients

Acne Consultations (Video Consultation)- For new acne clients that want to know exactly why they are breaking out, and be able to get a plan to get clear skin. Wendy will go over everything from diet, lifestyle, hobbies to hair products and supplements. She will find the triggers that are causing your acne so you know how to prevent it. It’s a long appointment (1 hour & 30 mins).


1. Follow the link below.

2. Select the “New Client: Acne Consultation”

3. Pick a date & time that works for your schedule.

4. Pay for Acne Program- $150.

5. Complete the forms that will be emailed to you.

Here is the Link to get started: “New Acne Client”

Existing Clients

Existing Acne Client– Skincare adjustments/ Review/ New concerns. (over video). Once you are scheduled; you will get a link to the video meeting 30 mins before the meeting is to begin. No charge for existing clients.

Use this link to schedule a Virtual meeting with Wendy.

Wendy is no longer performing facials due to health issues that prevent her from operating at her high level of self-standardization.  However, she still supports existing clients and advises new acne clients on their journey to clear skin and continues to create “The Wendy Way” skincare line.

She refers all clients to Christina for acne facials at this time.

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