Acne Client- Check in


So you are an existing Acne client. You have already had your consultation with Wendy, and now you have questions.

Perhaps you were totally clear, and now something has changed and you are getting new or different types of pimples. Or, your skin isn’t feeling like you expect. Perhaps, you were getting nice and clear, then for some reason…. your skin hasn’t gotten to where you want it.

Alternatively, we have some clients that aren’t able to do treatments or live out of state. This is where you would do a “check-in” so we can make necessary changes to your routine.

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! You have 2 options for us to best assist you.

Option 1 – No charge! Fill out the form below and either Wendy or Christina will review your responses, and one of them will respond with their solution.

Option 2 – $40. 30 min phone meeting with Wendy or Christina to go over the responses and get a solution.

Wendy and Christina are available to help you in these situations or any other situation that arises with your acne or skin situation.

Option 1 Steps

So, the first step… they will need to know exactly what is happening with your skin. Complete this form below.

Existing Client- Check-In Form

Once the form is complete, it will be sent directly to Wendy and Christina for review.

These forms are reviewed in between other client appointments. So if we are booked – treating clients, then it will take us a few days to get back to you. Don’t fret, we have the form and will review your concerns as soon as we are able to do so. There is no charge for this service, so we don’t book an appointment.  Either Wendy or Christina will reach out via text/email to assist you.

Option 2 steps

Do you feel that an appointment is needed? and the form with a response is not sufficient. Then you can schedule a time to meet with Wendy or Christina over the phone to go over your concerns. This is a scheduled appointment, so there is a charge of $40. If this is the selection you desire, then please contact us at 360-943-1700 (call or text) and we will collect pre-payment for the “Consult- Existing Client Review”. This can only be scheduled currently through our front desk.

Then – You will be sent a form through the Client Portal (your personal access to your clinic account). If you don’t have access, we will send you a temporary password (then you can change it to whatever you want, just know that we cannot see passwords. So if you lose it or forget it, then we can only send you another temporary password).  Please complete the form that was sent, and text us photos of your skin’s current condition.

Next –  You will get a call from either Wendy or Christina at the scheduled appointment time. Where you will have time to discuss what you are experiencing, and we will give you our professional advice to help get you to your goals.