Acne Program

How Long Have You Been Battling Acne?

While there are many contributing factors, there is only one root cause; with triggers. I address that!


getting rid of acne



Have you been dealing with your acne for longer than 6 months?

Then you need my help! I address the root cause and contributing factors. Together we address the real culprits, and get most clients’ skin under control in 3-4 months. Sign up for an initial consultation and let’s formulate a plan of action to get you clear as quickly as possible.

(the embarrassment)

Have you tried everything, and yet you still have the painful, red, inflamed acne breakouts? You just want to feel good in your own skin.

Wendy Christman. Acne Specialist. Acne Investigator

You’ve tried EVERY medication & prescription

But yet you were left with a laundry list of truly horrible side effects (and still had to deal with the acne). The skin that was dry, flaky, peeling, oozing, and irritated!

That desperate feeling of not knowing where to turn or what to do

You hate this desperate feeling of not knowing how to heal your scarred face. You keep trying one treatment after another. It’s a vicious cycle.

The dirty little secret about the skincare industry . . .

Everything on the market was/is designed to keep us coming back for more. Money isn’t made unless you keep buying their products. The multi-billion dollar skincare industry is flawed. It just doesn’t work. Most acne products actually contain pore-clogging ingredients, to ensure that you continue to break out and buy their products.

But I finally discovered

After a lot of deep training & research, I had an AHA moment

…the solution, I finally learned how our skin works. I had the understanding of what my skin was yearning for and what I was doing to cause my acne.

Once I made a few simple changes, I saw a huge difference in my skin. I knew I was on the right track (with no medication!).

(my story)

I suffered from painful, red, inflamed cystic acne breakouts all throughout my teenage years – and beyond!

I literally tried EVERY medication and prescription I could get my hands on. And after a significant investment in time and money—as well as the emotional investment of getting my hopes up that I’d be miraculously cured

—all I was left with was a laundry list of truly horrible side effects (and still had to deal with the acne)

Skin that was dry, flaky, peeling, oozing, and irritated!

The medications also wrecked my digestion.

This desperate feeling of not knowing where to turn or what to do to finally heal my scarred face led me down a path of deep training to understand exactly what my skin needed.

To do that, I had to learn how the skin works.

After one month into my training, I had an AHA moment: I had an understanding of what my skin was yearning for and what I was doing to cause my acne.

Once I made a few simple changes, I saw a huge difference in my skin. I knew I was on the right track. (this process to clearing my personal skin with no medication was 4 months).

I learned very important things in school, how the skin works. It is amazing how the body will do things to protect itself, even from what we are doing to it every day (even the things we think are good!).

(there’s hope!)

What I learned through my years of deep exploration and training is that you need to use the right skin products for your skin type, skin condition, and acne type!


I teach you about these in the Zoom meeting, I explain exactly what your culprits are.

And what to do to stop breaking out.


The Acne Program works without prescriptions

And the products don’t have to be super strong to get you clear & beautiful skin!

This program is customized with you in mind. The goal is to get you clear as quickly as possible without the side effects of dryness, redness, and irritation.



We achieve this by using the right combination of products in the right order. Using my knowledge of your skin type and your acne type as well as how these products work in conjunction with these scenarios.




The goal is to get you clear without the experiences you have had in the past. (dry, peeling, irritated skin). Once you are clear, you maintain your clear skin with the appropriate skincare products for your skin type.

(let’s get your skin clear)

Get the beautiful skin and glow back without medications or side effects.

In this Acne Program, we work together and create a customized plan so you can get you clear without the painful and ugly side effects.

my mission

I’ve felt your pain! I’m on a mission to help others get the relief and clear skin they desire.

Customized Acne Care Plan

Once you select the “New Client: Acne Consultation” you will be required to pre-pay for the meeting. This is $150 and covers the consultation and future meetings with me. Next, you will get to select the date and time of our meeting based on the available appointment slots on the calendar. (there is a waiting list option if you want something sooner, and the system will let you know if something comes available).  This consultation is 1.5 hours long, and I will make recommendations based on your specific details. Once you have been scheduled you will get an email with a link to a form that has to be completed before we can meet. This gives me the information needed to best help you, and allows me to be fully prepared for your appointment.

Purchasing The Wendy Way products.

Personalized Skin Care Products

Based on our consultation, I will recommend products tailored to your skin’s specific needs. In general, you can expect your initial home care cost for products to run about $170. This is for the initial skincare set. As you run out of products you will replace them individually.  Prices range from 13-52 for the most commonly used products. Products can be purchased online or from an Esthetician that has been trained in “The Wendy Way” methods  and knows the skincare line.

Working together, you’ll have a customized skin care plan so that you will have the perfect home care regimen to keep your skin clear for the long term.

A Few Recent Experiences:

Wendy transformed my skin

Wendy transformed my skin over two years ago with a thorough analysis of products I use and makeup I wear. She guided me into a new skin care regime that cleared up my skin. I’ve been acne free for over two years. I highly recommend her to anyone who has tried it all. This woman is a miracle worker and it’s worth the investment!


My daughter’s skin went from pre-teen to glowing

Wendy is fabulous! My daughter’s skin went from pre-teen acne to glowing! Highly recommend.


She created my unique treatment plan

I am so thankful that a friend referred me to Wendy. She was so empathetic to my concerns with adult acne, and created a treatment plan that was unique to my skin needs. My first meeting with her was amazing, and her personality just added to the overall experience.. she is so kind, funny, and caring. Wendy is truly in this to help people, I can’t stop telling people about her!!!


(the process)

Here’s what to expect when you

schedule your Acne Program Consultation:

Consultation Form & Payment

There is a payment of $150 required, this is for my review of your Questionnaire, and the Virtual meeting.  I will give you the details of your acne, and its causes. This payment includes meetings and support going forward as well.

ZOOM Meeting

We will meet together over a video call. I will have already reviewed the Questionnaire that you completed. This video meeting will be about an hour and half long (can go longer; depending on questions) and will go over your skin type, acne type, and the right products to get your skin to a healthy place and I will make recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet, supplements, and other things to help clear your skin as quickly as possible

Start your Journey!

Then you can start implementing the changes that are recommended. I will create a skincare plan immediately after the Video meeting and send that over to you via email. From that email; you will see the products recommended and have the ability to purchase at this time. Products can be purchased on the Saving Face Website, or in person with an Esthetician that carries “The Wendy Way” products.

The Acne Program Highlights

Customized program to get you clear as quickly as possible without the side effects of dryness, redness, and irritation.

  • 1- 1.5 hour Video Consultation with Wendy

  • Personalized treatment plan

  • Customized skincare routine

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