Acne Program

How Long Have You been Battling Acne?

While there are many contributing factors to why a person has acne, there is only one root cause. Here at Saving Face Skinspa, we address the root cause and the contributing factors. We invest the time it takes to learn what your culprits are, and together we address them. Resulting in a clear complexion. Getting most clients’ skin under control in 3-4 months. If you have been dealing with your acne for longer than 6 months, then you need our help.

Do you want to feel beautiful in your own skin?

Do you want to get rid of your acne once and for all?
I know that feeling SO well….Wendy Christman, Acne Specialist

I suffered from painful, red, inflamed cystic acne breakouts all throughout my teenage years—and beyond. I literally tried EVERY medication and prescription I could get my hands on. And after a significant investment in time and money—as well as the emotional investment of getting my hopes up that I’d be miraculously cured—all I was left with was a laundry list of truly horrible side effects: (and still had to deal with the acne)

Skin that was dry, flaky, peeling, oozing, and irritated!

The medications also wrecked my digestion.

Trying all of these so-called “promised” meds only left me in a lot of pain and feeling even more embarrassed about my appearance. Then I was on to the next medication. They were supposed to work. So I kept trying one right after another. It was a cycle.

This was the exact opposite of what I was expecting!

This desperate feeling of not knowing where to turn or what to do to finally heal my scarred face led me down a path of deep training to understand exactly what my skin needed. (About Us) To do that, I had to learn how the skin works. After one month into my training, I had an AHA moment: I had an understanding of what my skin was yearning for and what I was doing to cause my acne. Once I made a few simple changes, I saw a huge difference in my skin. I knew I was on the right track. (this process to clearing my personal skin with no medication was 4 months).

I learned very important things in school, how the skin works. It is amazing how the body will do things to protect itself, even from what we are doing to it every day (even the things we think are good!).

Here is a little-known secret about skincare: Whether it is for acne or anti-aging. 

EVERYTHING on the market was/is designed to keep us coming back for more. Money isn’t made unless you keep buying the product.

It is almost genius! Marketing genius that is….

The multi-billion dollar skincare industry designed to give you a flawless glow is flawed. It just doesn’t work. Most acne products actually contain pore-clogging ingredients to keep you breaking out and dependent on their products and wasting your money. Here is a link to the list of pore-clogging ingredients. The products we use here don’t contain of these ingredients, even our makeup is acne-safe.

So, What Does Work?
What I learned through my years of deep exploration and training is that you need to use the right skin products for your skin type,  skin condition, and acne type! I teach you about these at our first meeting over zoom.

Here are the differences between over-the-counter products you have already tried, working with your doctor (which many have already tried), and working with me.

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This program is customized with you in mind. The goal is to get you clear as quickly as possible without the side effects of dryness, redness, and irritation. We achieve this by using the right combination of products in the right order. Using my knowledge of your skin type and your acne type as well as how these products work in conjunction with these scenarios. This Acne Program works without any prescriptions and the products don’t have to be super strong to get you clear. The goal is to get you clear without the experiences you have had in the past. (dry, peeling, irritated skin). Once you are clear, you maintain your clear skin with the appropriate skincare products for your skin type.

Get Started!

* Meet with Wendy (over zoom).

Fill out this form. Once it is completed (has to be completed at a minimum of 2 days before appt, so I have time to review and go over your answers to best help you).

Next Steps….

Keep in mind: Your cooperation is critical to your success. You must perform your part in order for this to work as well.

Treatments are Optional: They do speed up the healing process as the existing impactions will be removed. Treatments are done with Christina at “Sana Sana”. During this time, she will be making changes in your home care routine to keep your skin from getting used to the products. Once you are mostly clear, she will back off on the sessions a little and see how you do. Then we create a maintenance plan to keep your skin clear for the long term, and keep costs down for you!

What Do the Products Cost?
Product recommendations are tailored to your skin’s specific needs. But in general, you can expect your initial home care cost for products to run about $170.

You will not need a new supply at each visit as they last you 3+ months. However, the small bottles of active ingredients, need to be adjusted over the course of your treatment. These are lower-cost items. Occasionally, we need to make adjustments in your home care regimen to prevent your skin from becoming acclimated to the products. This will be discussed in advance and planned out so there are no surprises.

What is an Acne Session?

ACNE SESSION — with Christina at “Sana Sana” (these sessions are 45mins-1 hour). Christina will NOT perform an Acne Session without you first having an Acne Consulation.

* Exfoliation – to remove dead skin build-up
* Extractions – to remove impactions that are ready (this speeds the healing process)
* Treatment – to fight the bacteria inside your pores
* Hydration – to keep the skin from drying out (it won’t cause breakouts)
* Calming – to reduce inflammation, you’ll be treated to high frequency, ultrasonic, LED or specialty masks as appropriate.

Please note: It is possible that you could be red/ pink and can have spots from the extractions for up to a few days post-treatment. This is normal. I just want you to be aware so you can plan around any events. This is reduced as treatments progress as there are fewer extractions.

Before and After’s

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