The Dream of Saving Face

The Dream of Saving Face with Wendy Christman

By Lisa Herrick


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Licensed Master Esthetician, Wendy Christman recently opened her small skincare studio in Olympia to specialize in improving acne and aging skin.

Every Single Day, Do Something That Makes Your Heart Sing

Wendy Christman, owner and Licensed Master Esthetician at Saving Face SkinSpa and Acne Clinic uses this quote by author and entrepreneur Marcia Wieder when sending thank you cards. Wieder, of TedEx fame and a well-known motivational speaker, advocates ways in which to rediscover your inner passion to live the life you have always dreamed about.

Christman believes she is living her dream as an owner of her small private skin care studio. Christman opened Saving Face SkinSpa and Acne Clinic in October 2015 in West Olympia after nearly 15 years in the esthetics profession. Christman’s dream of being a small business owner while providing the highest quality and most effective skin care treatments was not necessarily an intentional journey. Not uncommonly, it all started because of her own battle with acne. Curious about her skin condition and always challenging herself to learn more, Christman enrolled in an Esthetics Program.

“My self-esteem naturally improved once I understood what was causing my skin issues and I learned how to keep my skin clear. It was then I determined that I actually did truly want to help others by providing esthetic services. There is so much misinformation out there, especially aimed at teenagers and acne. Plus there are a lot of products on the market that worsen acne and aging. Now that I have so much education and experience as a Licensed Master Esthetician, it is important to me to share what I have learned to help others with their skin conditions,” explains Christman.

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A Licensed Master Esthetician is the highest credential in the industry with the most rigorous training. Christman distinguishes her studio and treatments from a simple relaxation spa offering feel good facials to a skin care studio that is focused on results.

“Saving Face SkinSpa and Acne Clinic is not your typical frou-frou spa. While clients do leave my spa feeling good, they will also always leave with results. My services and treatments are focused on achieving results in a manner that is always safe, effective and ethical. The goal is toward having clear skin, slowing the aging process or softening wrinkles,” shares Christman.

The combination of having acne as an adolescent, teaming with a physician in owning a medical spa, working for a dermatologist, and continually pursuing education in both skin care and a business degree has eventually led Christman to blending all her experiences, education and training to exactly what she wants to be doing – owning and managing her own studio while helping others with their skin.

“I am so grateful for each of my personal and professional experiences to bring me to the spot where I have my own studio and provide the products and treatments carefully selected by me. I was an esthetician and clinic manager for a laser center, co-owned and managed a medical spa, and worked as a Master Esthetician for a wonderful dermatologist. When my husband and I purchased our dream home and acreage with our two sons, it was the perfect opportunity to pursue my professional dream.”

Reflecting upon her personal challenges with teenage acne and the importance she has placed on continuing her own education, Christman has taken the initiative to share her knowledge with local high schoolers. She has recently partnered with seven local high schools to present during Career Days on the esthetics profession, especially educating teenagers on small business ownership and the advanced training of a Licensed Master Esthetician. Christman also has been asked to present in the health classes to further education teenagers on how to avoid acne scarring.

You can learn more about Saving Face SkinSpa and Acne Clinic on their website or Facebook page. Call 360-943-1700 to schedule an appointment or book online.

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