Blackheads and Getting Rid of them

What Are Blackheads

Blackhead, is a non-inflamed acne lesion where the pore remains open, also affordable papers known as an “open comedone”. In the case of a blackhead, the tip of the plug darkens as it is exposed to oxygen in the environment. Contrary to popular belief, blackheads are not caused by dirt – it is a plug of dead skin cells and sebum that is discolored. When the end of the “plug” gets exposed to air, it oxidizes and turns the dark color; hence giving the blackhead its apt name.

You will need quite strong products but used in the correct way.  You will also need an acne specialist to coach you in how to use these products correctly. It is vitally important to follow instructions closely and consistently, as this type of acne can be the toughest to get under control.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads can be very frustrating and challenging. To get this type of acne under control, it takes a very thorough and aggressive treatment program utilizing strong ingredients like mandelic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin A and the correct use of benzoyl peroxide. It is most important to use these products in the right way; and to use the strongest products that your skin can tolerate.

Have you ever started with some acne products and they worked for about three weeks and then you started breaking out with blackheads again? This is because your skin actually got used to the products. If you allow your skin to get too used to products, you will never get rid of blackheads. Noninflamed acneic skin is notorious for becoming acclimated to an acne routine. It takes true commitment, patience and complete adherence to your Acne Specilaist’s guidance to get this under control. We take all of this into account when we are guiding you through your process of getting clear.

However, having an aggressive home care and treatment regimen does not mean the skin should be highly irritated. That’s why it is important to allow an Acne Specialist to coach you in exactly how to use the acne products. They are trained to know just how much to push the skin to keep getting clear; and how to pull back when it’s too much for your skin. It takes time to get rid of blackheads – it can be the toughest kind of acne to get clear! Let us guide you in the best way to get clear skin.

Content provided courtesy of Face Reality. Wendy Christman of Saving Face Skinspa and Acne Clinic is a Face Reality Acne Specialist.