Wendy is a miracle worker! I love how honest she is and how blunt she can be. I have never felt so good in my skin and after a year of working with her my skin has been the best it ever has. Thank you Wendy, you are a true gem! ❤️


I have had the best experience with Saving Face. Wendy is amazing and my acne scars have faded so much over the past months though microneedling. Best decision I ever made!



Wendy is the absolute best!  She is professional, empathetic, fun and I have never met anyone as knowledgeable about skin and skin care as she is!
I struggled with skin issues for 20 plus years, and I thought I would never get clear, beautiful skin. I tried everything from expensive doctors, creams, oral medications, etc. and nothing cleared up my skin.
Upon my first consultation with Wendy, she was kind and very understanding about my battle with acne. She provided a thorough evaluation of my skin care regimen: diet, supplements, products, make-up, etc.  Wendy got me on a skin care regimen that was “good” for my skin and within a few short weeks my skin started to clear up.
I can’t believe that it’s only been a few short months since I started seeing Wendy and my skin is beautiful: clear, soft and healthy! I am over the moon with the results!  I am never going to let anyone but Wendy near my skin again!
Anyone who is struggling with skin issues, call Wendy!  She is amazing!



Prior to seeing Wendy, I tried all different kinds of things to get my acne under control.  It wasn’t until I started working with Wendy that my skin started to clear.  I know my skin will always be in good hands with her.  Wendy is so friendly and knowledgeable.  She is always there for her clients.  She has given me countless tips about how to keep my skin clear and glowing.



I have gained so much confidence under Wendy’s care. My acne was not that bad even in the beginning but we are always our own worst critic and I really appreciate the time and attention Wendy provides me. She personalizes all of my skin needs and has so much knowledge about what she does. Wendy is very easy to talk to and makes you feel so comfortable- it’s a friendship you establish with her. She gives great advice is all aspects of skin care from medication to make-up and dieting. She even asked me if I was having any organ issues because of the location of breakouts on my skin! She really cares! I love my skin now and have a new confidence. I still get acne from time to time but I know how to manage it thanks to Wendy. I went to the beach this past summer and looking back at some of the pictures, I was like “Wow, I have great skin.” I truly feel beautiful. Thank you Wendy!



Oh my goodness!! Yesterday at work someone complimented my skin. Thank you so much for doing what you do!



I can’t thank Wendy enough for all that she has done for me. Her services and products are the best and I am beyond happy with my results. She is not only professional but friendly and caring as well. Along with the confidence I have gained in myself I have also gained knowledge about my skin that I would never have got anywhere else. I don’t trust anybody else with my skin besides Wendy.



Amazing! I seriously had tried just about everything, but Wendy is the one who helped me clear my decade’s long acne problem, (and this is my favorite part) without medication! I didn’t want to take a pill forever, I didn’t want the risks of Accutane, and I hated how many of the “acne” products seemed to age my skin more than solve the acne problem. Wendy knows her stuff. Her products are gentle, solve the acne problem, and my skin has never looked better. I went from wearing full coverage foundation every day to just throwing on a touch of mascara and chapstick most days. Pull the trigger. You won’t regret it.


I don’t know what I would do without Wendy! I started her program about a year ago and the only thing I would have changed would have been to start her program 15 years ago! I love my skin and am so happy! I love all the products but my absolute favorite is the porefection sulfur mask. This stuff is seriously amazing and should be in everyone’s arsenal of skincare products! Thank you Wendy for changing my life!


I don’t trust anybody else with my skin besides Wendy. She is honestly never wrong. I am beyond thankful for all that Wendy has done for me. She has made me feel so much more confident in myself. She has taught me so much about my skin and I will never forget the feeling I got when my acne was finally clear. She is awesome and I have never been more happy with my skin thanks to her!