Delete! Acne Spot Treatment Gel


Delete! Acne Spot Treatment Gel

.5 oz Airless bottle

Ok, Delete! is the perfect spot treatment for the breakout that creeps up out of nowhere! You had perfectly clear skin, then this pimple or two pop up every time right before some big event! Well, this will be your HERO!   Delete! is amazing…

Simply put a little dab on that sucker and voila’ you will be amazed at how fast that pimple popped up and how fast it can disappear too! Feel confident knowing that there is nothing added in here to create new pimples as well!

(can only be used as a spot treatment, too drying for full face application! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

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Delete! Acne Spot Treatment Gel

Featuring:  Glycolic Acid

Directions: Apply small amount onto finger after cleansing skin, then apply directly to affected pimple(s). Use only as a spot treatment. Apply Morning and Night until breakout is gone. Usually this will only be 1-2 days at most. DO NOT USE to cure/treat an acneic condition. This is ideal for the person that has gotten clear and needs a spot treatment for the occasional breakout. Skin can peel/flake at area of application, this is normal and expected. Be sure to use your moisturizer on top, and wear your SPF as instructed.

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