Build your own Skincare Bundle

Varies on items selected

Ready to start your clear skin journey?

You have done the skin quiz and know the products that Wendy has recommended for you, then you are all set to start “Building your Skincare Bundle” The option of building it gives you the benefit of selecting the recommended products, and get a discount for the bundle. Be sure to register for an account. (Benefits of an account: Earn loyalty points which equals $ off future purchases/orders, have access to previous orders- to see what you have ordered in the past, set up addresses for shipping, save cards on file, and so much more. Please note: We do not share/ sell/ rent or otherwise divulge any of your contact information with anyone for any reason. We hate that too!)

Existing clients: You have been using and loving “The Wendy Way” products, but are in need of several items. Then consider ordering your products in this bundle (you get to select the products that you are using) but get a discount AND can use your loyalty points. It is a huge savings opportunity.

High-quality cleansers. Designed to provide excellent cleansing with 1 wash, and without stripping the skin or damaging the barrier. Key: Super clean- deep clean, Ultra calm- for all skin types, Milky- for very dry skin. (can add 2)
Toner- not a 2nd cleanse. The Wendy Way toners have a purpose; to pH balance the skin so that the following steps penetrate the skin evenly, provides skin nutrition, and acts as a buffering agent (prevents sensitive skin from tingles/stinging/hot feeling, etc)
Serums are selected based on need. So choose the product that is recommended for your skin issues by your Esthetician.
Skincare treatment- for discoloration, acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging.... etc. Serums and treatments are interchangeable; so one will be in the AM, one in the PM, or sometimes we recommend layering. Follow recommendations by your Esthetician.
Hydrator- water-based, for hydration that lasts, but also provides the benefit of soothing, softening, brightening, and repairing a damaged skin barrier. Needs to be occluded (protected) by a Moisturizer (otherwise results will be reduced by the environment).
Moisturizer- oil based; locks in water-based hydrator. Gives long-lasting moisture to the skin along with other benefits listed on each product.
Sun Protection
SPF- not only does it protect against sun damage, but it also prevents discoloration from occurring in the future. You can still get a tan, we just want to minimize damage and keep the skin looking bright and clear.
Optional: Masks/ Eye/ Body
Optional add on: mask, eye and body product. Take advantage of this opportunity for the discount by having it in your bundle. (can add 1 item to be included in this bundle). If you don't want any of these items added to your bundle, then "deselect" the checkbox.