You ladies are awesome! I appreciate your honesty, enthusiasm, and passion for your clients. I feel welcomed and valued during my visits. Not to mention, my skin has changed drastically for the best.


One of the best, educational and fun appointments that I’ve had regarding skin care. Wendy sat down, took her time and was thorough about my lifestyle, diet, and skincare routine. I felt like she actually wanted to help me get the best results, and didn’t push anything for a sale. I look forward to all my appointments with her!


I had a great experience, Wendy explained everything i needed to know. Super professional and friendly environment


The only thing that has ever worked for my acne. The treatments and at home skin care routine are worth it 100% worth it.


I always enjoy my time with Wendy. She works with me and keeps my skin in top shape. Thanks. I like that we do different procedures from time to time.


Wendy is magic!! Her passion and advanced knowledge for all things skin is what keeps me coming back. I love her, the services she offers and all her amazing products! I’m so happy I found Savingface.


I have struggled with acne since I was a young teen and at 34, never saw an end to it. I saw immediate results after my first consultation with Wendy. We eliminated all the products that were upsetting my skin and I now have a stream lined regiment that works. The before and after pictures of her clients are amazing and I can’t wait to be one of them!


Amazing experience and Wendy and her staff are awesome!


Everyone was so kind and helpful! They truly cared, and I left feeling hopeful and excited about my skin!



From buying and wasting so much money on seemingly endless drug store products, dermatologists, and futile treatments, I can happily say that my acne problems have been resolved with Wendy! She is very knowledgeable about skin, and I walk out the door every time knowing something more about my skin and how to prevent future break outs (which is now a rare occasion with her amazing products anyways). Although she has a lot of clients and appointments can be hard to reserve at times, her new app makes it accesible to schedule or move appointments with ease. Overall, Wendy is personable, kind and I would recommend her to anyone with acne concerns of any type.