Was good to do something for me that is good for my skin.

Diane W.

Wendy’s expertise is the best in the entire Olympia and surrounding area. I trust her with all my skin care needs. And appreciate her vast wealth of knowledge, gentle touch, relaxing atmosphere and the outstanding results that I always get!!!
My results from the her facial micro needling are absolutely astonishing and fabulous!!!

Thank you Wendy!!!

Molly W.


It was great. Treatments were easy and the results are well worth it.



After seeing two dermatologists and trying multiple treatments, Wendy’s regimen was the first that actually cleared my daughter’s skin.

Grace C.


Wendy was very knowledgable. She always has a very compassionate heart.

Sandy J.


It was a great first experience. I am really enjoying the new skin care products as well!



Although part of the microneedling process was uncomfortable, Wendy was very encouraging and professional. I’ll be going back for more!

Lindsey W.


I love how much information you shared with me without it going over my head or being overwhelming.

Megan F.

I appreciated the time spent educating me. I’m looking forward to going through the program and seeing the results.

Lara S.

Wendy took two hours out of her evening for my free consultation; I learned so many new things about my skin and discovered so many poor habits I’d been doing to my poor face when I thought was taking good care of my skin. I left with a very simple skin care plan and permission to be lazier about my daily routine! My skin looks so fresh after using the three simple products she recommended, I cannot wait to see how far back we can continue to turn the clock!