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Wendy was great! She spent almost 2 hours with us answering questions and giving us tips for my son’s acne. We learned a ton and are grateful that she looks at the skin care products you are currently using rather than just trying to sell you all her products. But, her products sound amazing and we are eager to try them and look for results! A.D.

Wendy transformed my skin over two years ago with a thorough analysis of products I use and makeup I wear. She guided me into a new skin care regime that cleared up my skin. I’ve been acne free for over two years. I highly recommend her to anyone who has tried it all. This woman is a miracle worker and it’s worth the investment!


Wendy and the ladies at Saving Face Skinspa are truly miracle workers. After trying dozens of methods throughout the years to clear up my skin and get rid of some hyperpigmentation and scarring, I came to Saving Face as a last resort. And thank god I did.

The appointment began with a detailed consultation with Wendy, where she taught me about common skincare myths and misconceptions as well as a breakdown of products I use that may be upsetting my skin (pro tip – Cetaphil is not your friend!).

After her assessment, she was better able to apply the necessary products customized just for me during my facial. And her personalized products are not to be missed! My skin responded so well to the gentle mix of her reasonably priced cleansers, serums, and moisturizers and I can honestly say this is the best my skin has looked in years.

It’s so apparent how much Wendy cares about her clients and how determined she is to get you the results you’re looking for. If smooth, clear vibrant skin are something you’ve been desperately searching for, look no further than Saving Face. Worth every penny.


Wendy is fabulous! My daughter’s skin went from pre-teen acne to glowing! Highly recommend.


I am so thankful that a friend referred me to Wendy. She was so empathetic to my concerns with adult acne, and created a treatment plan that was unique to my skin needs. My first treatment with her was amazing, and her personality just added to the overall experience.. she is so kind, funny, and caring. Wendy is truly in this to help people, I can’t stop telling people about her!!!


I had a consult with Wendy and a treatment for my bad skin and had previously tried everything. Wendy is so knowledgeable and loves sharing it! I did everything she said and saw improvement in a week. She told me what products work with my skin and I haven’t looked back.


I came in after years of dealing with acne, and acne scars. After only 2 months of being on her plan I have almost NO acne left and my scars are demolishing before my eyes. Would recommend saving face skin spa to anybody who is sick and tired of being pushed around place to place not finding the results you want, because you will find it here!


Wendy has helped me get my skin clear! I thought my skin would never get clear again but she gives very good information and good skincare! I would definitely recommend seeing her if you have been struggling with acne like I have! ~Kirsten


My 1st appointment with Wendy was very educational. I learned so many things about my skin! She chose the treatment right for me and it made the difference that I was looking for. The office staff were helpful and I love their products, especially the tinted sunscreen! Thanks Wendy!


I came here because my acne was just getting worse and worse. Absolutely nothing was working. Wendy sat down with me and thoroughly explained what was going on to help me understand better. Everyone in her office is so kind and helpful. They know what they’re doing and are quick to help solve what you’re going through. Their products are absolutely amazing, best purchase I’ve ever made. No more painful cysts all over my face or swollen pores. I’m so grateful to have found Wendy!


The Wendy Way products are the best! Wendy personally selects which products to use based on your skin and when used diligently, my skin has continued to look amazing! I will keep using it because of the great results. Thank you Wendy and Saving Face Skinspa!


It has been less than a week and my painful acne is no longer painful, I went to the beach with my family only wearing the morning SPF that was provided by Wendy. ❤️ one step closer to being me again.


My skin has never been better since switching over to skin care and facial treatments! They go above & beyond to find the root of where your acne is coming from. Worth every penny!


I truly recommend this please they are the most wonderful people I ever met they gave me such fast results on my face I feel truly blessed that I found it Wendy is the best amazing person I ever met.


I have been seeing Saving Face for 6 years now and my skin just keeps getting better! When I tell people acne is a disease and I have it, they don’t believe me because they don’t see the typical spots or scars on my face. They barely see any spots or marks on my face. That’s because the products work! The advice and knowledge is real! Go here for your dermatologist or spa needs!


The whole staff here is very sweet and kind! Wendy helped me transform my skin completely. If you are questioning whether you should come here or not: DO IT✨✨