Do exactly what Wendy tells you. I can’t believe how fast my skin cleared, and now how easy it’s been to keep it clear, but I have done EVERYTHING Wendy has told me to do (religiously). She knows what she’s talking about and if you listen and learn you will get amazing results!!


If your like me and you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked completely. It can be so disheartening and nerve racking to spend money on yet another treatment but Wendy works with you to try everything for your skin. It’s a case by case basis and is truly unique to your lifestyle and skin type. Seeing Wendy has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my skin. Give it a try!


very personable and cares for her patients!


I have received the acne treatment, and the results have been tremendous. I would recommend Wendy to everyone.


I can’t thank you enough for all your help in maintaining and eliminating my acne. While my case was mild compared to others, I appreciate the constant care, compassion and knowledge you provide. Everything you tell me, I take into consideration. You are always learning and you pass that knowledge into your clients. Thank you!


I love going to this spa! Wendy has felt like a friend from my first visit! She is so comfortable to be with! In addition, her knowledge of skincare is remarkable and she has taught me so much! She responds to text messages so quickly, which is wonderful when I have a quick question. She has even taken the time to communicate via email with my long distance daughter to help educate her on acne care. Her website is so easy to maneuver for scheduling appointments. Also, her personal skincare line is wonderful! I have been using Light it Up for only a month and my dark spots are almost unnoticeable! I am so happy I discovered Wendy!!!


Wendy has been incredibly friendly, kind and attentive. She has been quite educational regarding my current habits. I am very excited to see how my skin changes once we start official treatment.


I love that everything is personalized. Wendy is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her work.


Wendy is very knowledgeable. Under her care, my skin has improved noticeably. I am 71 years old and while acne is not a problem, my aging skin had needs that she addressed successfully.


I really enjoyed the new treatments at my facial! Excited for my next one, I have actually seen how my skin is changing.