Wendy is the real deal.  I spent, literally, hundreds of dollars on products, doctors, and dermatologists for my teen daughters cystic acne.  I took time off work and waited months for an appointments.  We traveled to Tacoma and Seattle.
My daughter never felt heard, products were expensive and worked for a short time or didn’t work at all.  Co-pays were expensive as well.
My daughter heard about Wendy from a friend.  We looked into her website and heard so many testimonials, it was unbelievable. We couldn’t believe we were sitting on such a hidden gem right here in our own hometown!
My daughters face looks better than it ever has before.  Wendy sat down and really listened to her.  She has her own line of products that work. She is reasonably priced and you don’t need insurance to see her.
Wendy has such a huge heart for helping people with acne that she has made her services affordable for everyone. There is no reason to lack confidence or deal with painful acne anymore!
She is booked a lot because she is that good but you can get in to see her within a few weeks!  She also does a mail order service and consultation via email if you don’t live in Olympia or near by.
I can’t begin to tell you how amazing she is. She keeps in touch with your kiddo and even in maintenance will check in or answer questions if anything comes up.
My daughter now has a great routine and clear skin with minimal effort.
Ok, and now on to me – a mama with aging skin.  She has given me the best products – no more crap products bought online, costco, Ulta, blah blah blah. She has the best and they work and they are more reasonable than other products that promise to work but don’t.
I have had a fibroblast done that helped with droopy eyelids and a facial (which was wonderful and relaxing and left my skin feeling refreshed and bright). I plan on having some dark age spots removed soon.
Go to Wendy and never look back.  She is the best at what she does.  She keeps her appointments, she is easy to book by calling or online.  She doesn’t keep you waiting. She is the epitome of professional and friendly.

LOVE this place!!! Loyal customer for life.



My skin is fantastic! Thanks to Wendy!



I always love my time spent with Racheal. I began seeing her because my eyebrows needed some serious love from someone who actually knew what they were doing. When she moved I followed her to this location like a skilled stalker. Racheal has been able to bring my brows back and make them better than ever before. Have trusted her since day one. I also see her for the amazingly relaxing facials and always feel so blessed that I stumbled upon her. If you are questioning anything as you read these reviews, Don’t. Just go.



It was my first facial ever and I had such a great experience. Love Wendy more each time I see her.



It is always a good experience when being with Wendy. She is so caring and always has interesting information about procedures and products.



Wendy definitely knows about skin (aging in my case) and takes the time to educate, explain everything and answer questions. The oxyglow facial was also amazing. I highly recommend.



I’ve been aware of my skin feeling moist and healthy, stimulated and almost like it’s breathing better ; ) Just arrived home and looked in my magnifying mirror and yes, it’s glowing!

Thanks Wendy — you and your staff are wonderful!



Absolutely love Wendy!!! She has transformed my skin in the absolute best was possible. I had spent years trying everything under the sun to keep my skin healthy and Wendy has done an amazing job in the last couple months of me coming to her. She is so informative and just genuinely kind at heart. Thank you Wendy for making my skin glow!!!


Wonderful customer care, great products, proven results — I’m excited to have learned about Wendy and her staff!


You ladies are awesome! I appreciate your honesty, enthusiasm, and passion for your clients. I feel welcomed and valued during my visits. Not to mention, my skin has changed drastically for the best.